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 Who are we?


We are a ‘Photo Couple’ based out of Exeter, NH; and like to think that besides taking high quality, wall worthy photographs we also bring fun and positive energy to all sessions.


Quite often after shooting a wedding, we hear from the bride that their friends wanted to know, 'Just who were those photographers- they were so much fun?”

It's true, we love photography and we love fun- why not combine the two whenever possible?


We believe a light-hearted approach to each photo session is the key to getting our clients relaxed and getting the best, most natural looking photographs. 


We are now married!


David Goodwin


David is a techy geek, a gamer, movie buff and whisky enthusiast. He has been a photographer for over 15 years – it’s not about the work or the money but the chase of the ultimate photograph - the best quality, the right composition.


David enjoys connecting the image with the emotion of the moment and how that makes the memories of that time so much more palpable - it evokes the power of the photograph to bring us to those places and times long gone. That is why he loves photography.

Kendra Goodwin (Treadwell)


Kendra is a music educator, gamer, and perfectionist! She has been working with David as a photographer for 2+ years and has taken to the art quickly. Because of her personal style you can bet that any pictures Kendra delivers to you will have the utmost personal attention to each and every detail. 


With her background in music and the arts, she brings an innate understanding of human emotions of to her work. She has an eye for the right composition, and is always looking for new and creative ways to capture her subjects.  


With her combination of perfectionism and art, you can be assured you will not be disappointed.  



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